Ridgefield Art Association

Stephen Hayes has been painting since the age of ten when he visited a San Francisco museum and saw his first Rembrandt. He specializes in portraiture and conceptual art, with much of his work being featured in books and magazines in the US and abroad.

After retiring from teaching at Pacific Northwest College of Art and the Portland Art Institute, as well as maintaining a successful career as a professional illustrator, Stephen now wants to focus on paintings that ask questions, celebrate human interaction and embody the idea that “Important artists create worlds that would not otherwise have existed.”

Most recently, Stephen has won the award for Best Interpretation of the Theme “Connections” at the Battleground Art Alliance Spring Show with his painting, Winning Move, pictured below. His painting, Island Man, is currently on display in The Cube at the Ridgefield Administrative and Civic Center. He lives in Ridgefield with his high school sweetheart, and wife of 45 years, Sue Hayes


Stephen Hayes

Above Works:

Self-Portrait (charcoal and acetone)

Winning Move (Winner Best Theme-Battleground Art Alliance Spring Show 2019 (oil on canvas)

Charlotte at the Fair (oil on canvas)

Swan King (Acrylic on panel)

Dan (portrait in oil on canvas)