Ridgefield Art Association

Ken Spurlock

I have been mixed media abstract/ impressionistic artist for over seven years.  Since 2014 I have been involved and supported the local art scene in Portland and Vancouver.   I was a  featured artist  at the Angst Gallery in Vancouver (2018) .

  I have put on my own  one man shows.  Collaborated with other artists and sponsored unknown artist.  I have performed as a vocalist with local musical groups .  I have used my creative skills to help with set designs for local theater and art fairs.

My main medium is acrylic paint. I also enjoy other paint mediums  such as oil, encaustic, water colors.  During the Covid shut down and social distancing,  art became my  “good friend”.  

I want to  help with the Ridgefield Arts Council  promote an arts district cultural center that includes art shows, live theater, educational experiences for all ages and art therapy.