Ridgefield Art Association



I was born in Kyoto, Japan and grew up in Osaka.

When I was a little girl, I enjoyed working on coloring books. One of my favorite classes in Elementary and Middle school was Art class.

My long-time desire was to start painting again.  I wished that someday I could have time to paint.

My life was busy with study, work, and raising a family.  Since Middle school I did not have time to focus on painting.  After a long time passed, and all of my children have grown up, I had more time for myself. In November of 2018, I took a watercolor painting class that Cathy Winter was teaching in Ridgefield.  The class reignited to my passion for painting.  I have been painting nearly every day since starting that class.

In watercolor painting it is very interested to see how water move the pigment to create beautiful colors.  I feel like I am just a helper for the water and paint to make a beautiful picture.  I watch and I am amazed at their work.

Painting gives me a lot of joy and happiness. If you can feel this though my paintings I will be very happy.

Now I am inspired and excited to be painting!