At an early age, I found that creativity can happen through trying new ideas and then reaching a little further.    My discovery process  is ongoing, even after my teaching career and into retirement.   Through the years, I have worked with glass, cloth, clay, ink and wood, but my focus currently is working with gourds. 

   I am continually trying new techniques and materials so each gourd is a creative journey for me.  Working in the round on imperfect surfaces and with a huge variety of gourd shapes and sizes, the process of decorating is always  a welcome challenge.  I may just paint the gourd, I may Wood burn it, I may use a wax resist technique, or I may carve it.  I may add embellishments or weave the top edge with pine needles.  I may add rocks and driftwood into the design, which gives added textures.  As I complete each gourd,  I realize that the journey for that gourd is complete and that my vision for the final product has become a reality.  

     I am basically self-taught, although I have taken a few gourd classes and I also learn from a few gourd books in my library.  No matter what media I work with, it is the creative process that guides and excites me.

Diane Springer

Ridgefield Art Association



Aurora Gallery, Vancouver, WA

Broadway Gallery, Longview, WA

Camas Gallery, Camas, WA