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Beck Lipp

Beck's Original Woodworking
email: BecksOriginals@gmail.com
website: BecksOriginals.wix.com/becksoriginals
Facebook: Beck's Original Woodworking
phone: 360-771-1220

Beck Lipp

I have been interested in woodworking all my life. From creating small carvings to building desks and beds, I have always enjoyed making things with wood. When I discovered the scroll saw several years ago,

I found a perfect way to combine my creative artistry with woodworking.

The natural beauty of the area where I live and the places I travel influences my work and the different woods and elements I include in my creations. I use many different types of wood, as well as patina-ed copper in some items. All my pieces are naturally colored - I don't use stains. Pieces are hand oiled to bring out the color, but nature does the rest!